Javier Solís


Javier Solís


Mexican singer Javier Solís, born Gabriel Siria Levario, was also a popular movie actor who was considered part of the “Three Mexican Roosters” of Mexican music and cinema, along with Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante. He earned the title “El Rey Del Bolero Ranchero” with hit songs “Payaso,” “Sombras,” and “Las Mañanitas.”

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The Journey of Javier Solís: From Humble Beginnings to Musical Stardom

Early Life and Origins

Javier Solís, born Gabriel Siria Levario on September 1, 1931, in Tacubaya, Federal District, Mexico, emerged as a beloved figure in the realm of Mexican music. Despite his eventual fame, Solís' upbringing was marked by hardship and familial complexities.

Familial Dynamics

Solís was the first of three children born to Francisco Siria Mora, a baker, and Juana Levario Plata, a trader. However, due to circumstances surrounding his parents' separation and his mother's demanding work schedule, Solís was entrusted to the care of his uncle Valentín Levario Plata and his wife, Ángela López Martínez. It was with them that Solís found the nurturing and support that shaped his formative years, considering them to be his true parents.

Diverse Occupations and Pursuits

Solís' journey to musical prominence was preceded by a series of diverse occupations. Before finding his calling as a singer, he navigated various roles, including working as a bone and glass collector, transporting merchandise in a supermarket, and engaging in tasks such as baking, butchery, carpentry assistance, and car washing. Additionally, Solís pursued amateur boxing in his spare time, harboring dreams of turning professional until setbacks redirected his focus.

Artistic Aspirations

Despite the challenges he faced and the labor-intensive jobs he undertook, Solís' passion for music remained unwavering. Even during his earlier years, he showcased his vocal talents by participating in singing contests and honing his craft whenever possible.

Legacy and Passing

Javier Solís' remarkable journey came to an untimely end on April 19, 1966, in Mexico City, Mexico, leaving behind a legacy that continues to resonate in the realm of boleros, rancheras, and film. Despite his relatively short life, Solís' contributions to Mexican music endure as a testament to his talent and perseverance.

Javier Solís was born on September 1, 1931, in Tacubaya, Federal District, Mexico, and he passed away on April 19, 1966, in Mexico City, Mexico.

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