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The Immigrant Hustle – Creative dissent from the status quo for people that give a damn.

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Canvas Art

Bring life to your home, office, or even restaurant with these epic and colorfully expressionist renditions of your favorite Latin artists.

From comedians like Chespirito & Cantinflas, echoing gritos from Vicente Fernández & Javier Solís, to new school youngbloods Maluma & Bad Bunny.

These limited canvas print editions are perfect gifts for your fanatic family & friends that forever have that Spotify playlist on shuffle.

18" x 18" poster size


Is experimental typographic poster design your thing? Do you like Frida Kahlo, do you like poetry?

Your bohemian leftist will love these inspiring words from Latin writers, authors, and downright badass revolutionaries that stood tall in the face of their authoritarian oppressors and said “sin miedo!”

18" x 18" poster size


Estamos bien.

Check out our barrio streetwear line that draws inspiration from reggaetón, hip hop, our indigenous Taíno/Aztec/Mayan/Inca roots,  and freshly modernized cultura popular that unapologetically presents our latinidad.

We build bridges, not walls.

18" x 18" poster size


Looking for something with that extra personalization?

Working with me is straight forward: tell me what you want, in what style do you want it, and if you want it traditional or digital art. That’s it.

Becoming an art collector is no longer reserved for the monarchies of the world.

Whether you want a portrait of your dog Firulais, something for your tía Titi, or just to treat yourself for the royalty that you are, click below and find out how we can make it happen.


Artist Statement

Let’s skip the ‘why’ and get to the the ‘what + how’.

I want to talk about the seemingly mundane and everyday.

The paletero pushing his little cart across a blazing sun in some Southwestern town. The gay couple browsing cake decorations for their big day. And women walking into a clinic to receive health services.

These daily acts of existence have become reluctant acts of bravery because certain people & authoritarian voices have collectively decided to fuck up their day.

Through mixed media painting, collage, & cross-mediums do I look to embody the diverse approach of art-making as the voice of these diverse people and ideas that have a common struggle: the right to exist.

I’ve always wanted to be a troublemaker, and sometimes I get away with it through angry & loud art.

p.s. All reactionaries that prioritize legality over morality, you’re simply that, fake outrage.

The Scary Agenda

  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  • LGBTQ+ Rights
  • Women’s Rights
  • Refugees’ Right to Asylum
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Free Palestine
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Defund the Police
  • Climate Change
  • Indigenous People’s Rights
  • Workers > the Economy

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