La Parka


La Parka


Jesús Alfonso Huerta Escoboza was a Mexican luchador enmascarado, better known as La Parka who worked for the Mexican professional wrestling promotion AAA from the mid-1990s until 2019.

La Parka was your answer to the luchador you loved to hate or you were the type of fan that only woke up to choose violence. No judgment.

The Legacy and Struggles of La Parka: A Tale of Two Wrestlers

In the world of wrestling, there's an unwritten rule: you don't use another luchador's name or mask without permission. But in 1996, tragedy struck when the second La Parka lost his life in the ring, sparking a battle over the rights to his iconic persona.

A Battle Over Identity

Before the untimely death of the second La Parka (Jesús Escoboza) in 2020, there was a fierce dispute over who owned the rights to the famous skeleton suit and mask. Ironically, in the fatal match where Escoboza sustained his fatal injury, his in-ring partner was the original La Parka, who now goes by L.A. Park. This tragic event intensified the ongoing feud over the La Parka name.

Years prior to this tragedy, the original La Parka, Adolfo Tapia, vehemently asserted his exclusive right to the iconic character. He adamantly declared that he was the true embodiment of La Parka, dismissing any claims to the contrary.

A Divisive Debate

Adolfo's stance was met with opposition from Escoboza, who argued that the rights to the La Parka character belonged to the wrestling promotion AAA. Escoboza asserted his right to take on the persona, emphasizing that he had been given the opportunity to do so by the organization.

The debate over the La Parka name extended beyond legalities and delved into personal rivalries. Adolfo viewed Escoboza as a mere imitator, while Escoboza defended his unique interpretation of the character.

A Tragic Loss

The wrestling world was shaken by the tragic accident that led to Escoboza's passing in 2020. Despite their rivalry, L.A. Park expressed solidarity with his fallen colleague, urging fans to support Escoboza in his time of need.

Escoboza's untimely death marked the end of an era and left fans wondering about the future of the La Parka name. However, L.A. Park's response to the tragedy transcended the feud, as he expressed respect and reverence for his fallen counterpart.

Legacy and Recognition

In the wake of Escoboza's passing, AAA posthumously inducted him into their Hall of Fame in 2020, honoring his contributions to the sport. Meanwhile, L.A. Park continued to carry on his wrestling career, maintaining a presence both in Mexico and abroad.

As of the latest reports, there are rumors of L.A. Park's impending retirement from wrestling. However, his status remains semi-active, and his legacy as a wrestling icon endures, transcending the controversies and conflicts that defined his career.

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