Fernando Valenzuela


Fernando Valenzuela


The city of LA has a long and complicated history with Hispanics, particularly Mexicans. But when a lefty with a consistent screwball stepped on the mound in 1981, it took the country as a whole by storm. Fernando Valenzuela arrived as an unknown immigrant to the US, but went on to inspire US Latinos which accounted for almost 30% of the county's population. "Fernandomania" skyrocketed the start of Latino fans to the Dodger Stadium and by 2015, 2.1 million fans proudly claim loyalty to "Los Doyers."

Canvas Print Features

Frames are made of FSC® certified wood to ensure we meet the highest environmental & social standards.

Canvas is 1.6″ thick to prevent frame warping and ensure longevity; mounting kit included.

Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation.

Before You Buy

Please note that each art piece is made on-demand. This way, my fulfillment partners and I can deliver premium quality products without sacrificing eco-friendly practices that saves on the production of unnecessary waste.

Also know, that multiple products are sourced from multiple fulfillment partners, based on availability. Expect multiple items within one order to be shipped at different times.

Because I create these digital illustrations for one size ratio and then print on multiple sizes, those multiple sized prints will cut off certain details on the edges of prints; so they’ll either completely cut off at the edges or wrap around on canvas print types.

Refunds and returns cannot be honored if a wrong size or color has been ordered, or if the customer just didn’t like the product. For more details, please visit my refunds & returns policy page.

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