Side Hustle: Your Own Online Store Just as Kickass as Mine

So you’re thinking about launching your own online store, huh…

Before anything, let’s get down to what POD is and how this site works.

Print-on-Demand is one of the hottest, and lowest-cost ways to start an online business.

Basically, you create and sell designs that don’t yet exist. Sounds kinda sleazy, but it’s not.

It’s a great way for sellers to validate design ideas and styles before coughing up their hard-earned cash to sit on inventory nobody wants.

For vendors, in my case, such as Printful, I become a marketing force to push their blank canvas products.

POD, especially Printful, does present higher costs than other traditional models, but these guys do an excellent job of curating high quality vendors, handle printing, charging, shipping, storing, and customer service.

All you have to do is create a platform to build your brand, your designs, and an audience to sell to.

1. Do-it-yourself, 100% free

Yes, it’s actually possible, in fact, I created a side example of how I’m selling other items, no cost to me, on TeeSpring – Immibrand.

Here’s a step-by-step YouTube video of how I did it.

2. I do it for you

Why would you pay a spazz like me to do it for you when I just gave you the game plan instructions, right?

The simple fact is that the vast majority of wantrepreneurs that will read this page, will go all-in and try to do it themselves. And I’m totally ok with losing on those potential customers, because they’re on a different track than the clients I’d like to get, so they’re filtering themselves out.

I’m after the aspiring entrepreneurs that value time and an informed initial investment for a proven solution that will get them on the fast track to make their money back on a solid platform with a real brand.

I will save you time and money by the simple fact that I’ve done this a dozen times. By hiring me, you tap into to:

  1. 13 years of art + design experience to create high quality (a $95,000+ college education);
  2. Design software licenses to create your designs ($624/year);
  3. WordPress themes + plugin licenses ($450/year);
  4. Powerful hosting with 99.99% uptime ($600/year)
  5. Experienced, from sketchbook to vectorized file, illustrator ($700 per design)
  6. Creative direction without the “Creative Director” price tag ($7,000/month minimum)
  7. Technical know-how to get you up & running within two weeks.

    The Deliverable

    Within three weeks, I can design, build, and launch your e-commerce store running on WordPress + WooCommerce, powered by Printful to build and grow your brand.


    How it Works

    Step 01 - apply.

    Click ‘Apply to Qualify‘ to complete a short questionnaire to see if your online business goals are a good fit.

    Step 02 - book your call.

    Book a call to tighten details and discuss any pre-existing assets you may want to share or review.

    Step 03 - Let's build your empire!

    Your card gets charged so we can start initial products to design, look & feel of your website (home, about, shop, blog, contact), and your responsibilites (i.e. Paypal or Stripe account details).

    White-Glove Monthly Care

    Keep your website running smoothly by getting the web developer professionalism, without paying the full-time salary.

    That’s over $5,000 per month for an in-house developer.

    • CMS Updates – Peace of mind that your website is up-to-date
    • Nightly Backups – Secure backups of your website for quick restoration if something goes wrong
    • Enterprise Network Security – Constant security monitoring to keep intruders out
    • Up-time Performance Scans – 24/7 monitoring to assure availability for your users
    • Google Analytics – Learn about your website visitors to boost search engine rankings
    • Premium Plugins Access – I continuously curate premium plugins that go beyond freemium lite features. Our own investments cover developer licenses. You have access to what I use to power Immibrand
    • Unlimited Support Tasks – I’ll update any 30-minute tasks you send my way
    • Monthly Maintenance Report – Know that everything under the hood is under control
    • Heat Maps – Learn more about what your users want, care about, and do on your site by visualizing clicks, taps, & scrolling behavior
    • Recordings – Eliminate guesswork and see what your users see with recordings of real user behavior on your site. Especially powerful to instantly identify usability issues
    • Surveys – Get to know your audience’s hopes & fears better by collecting feedback in real-time
    • Polls – Understand the reasons behind behavior by collecting data of what’s preventing your visitors from achieving desired actions
    • Funnels – Where are your users dropping off? Find the cracks in visitor page journeys to identify improvements & desired steps
    • Scan & Fix Broken Links – Keep search engines happy and your website healthy
    • Search Engine Optimization – Continuous metadata tweaking behind the scenes to improve organic search visibility


    Shopify is cheaper, what gives?

    Shopify is a great service, but their plans are to provide the platform to sell, not to get you selling 0 to 100, real quick.

    You’ll have to pay additional fees to hire from their agency partners directory.

    Why do you only offer one plan?

    Besides the headache that may cause for each customer scenario, I don’t want to pick & choose the level of service I want to offer you to help you succeed. And a flat monthly rate does a few things: it weeds out tire kickers, incentivizes me to invest more of my time with fewer clients, and we both plan for the long run. Besides, don’t you feel better knowing I built every nook & cranny of your site and will be there to put out fires?

    I just need you to build the website, can I pay once?


    You can opt-out at any given point, but there are a few caveats.

    If you decided on the monthly plan, but within 12 months you want to switch hosting providers, there’s a buyout fee of the remaining balance equivalent to the 12 months (it’s as if you bought the website at full price and had a few months of free maintenance care).

    If I’ve hosted your website for more than 12 months, you can transfer out without a fee.

    If you decide that you no longer want the site I built, it’ll be shut down after a 30-day notice and you’ll get an xml/json export copy of your content (just the WordPress site gets shut down, not your Printful account with your products, that’s forever yours).

    I offer a monthly plan to help aspiring entrepreneurs get into the online business game by lowering the barrier to entry, but still charging for my value that’s way ahead in quality than your run-by-night, free-no-brand-weebly sites (no offense to premium Weebly users).

    What guarantees do you offer?

    I want you to succeed more than anyone, because, duh, I get to charge you month-after-month, so I’ll work until we get it right. This is also an added benefit of getting on the plan, we work together to continuously improve your website. Like having a car, it takes regular care to make sure it runs at its best, while we simultaneously plan for worst casse scenarios.

    To minimize less-thrilling surprises, it’s important to have a laser focused conversation to get to your business goals right, the first go-around.

    If, however, you absolutely didn’t like what I delivered, I guarantee you a 30-day money back guarantee and the website gets taken down.

    Who is this service, best for?

    Ooooh, this is important.

    While I’d love to take money from everyone, we won’t all be a perfect fit.

    You could ge the most out of this service if you plan on selling 99% of your products offered by Printful (it’s the whole reason I’m doing this).

    More holistically, this service would be an excellent platform if you would like to include merch/swag as another income stream.

    Artists can definitely benefit from selling their original work and print editions on this platform.

    No, Nos

    While we’re at it, this service is NOT for the following niches:

    • veiled patriotism (looking at you, fascists!) that discriminate and want to push an anti immigrant, anti-semtic, poc, and refugee message.
    • hate speech towards women, lgbtq, the disabled, or any other marginalized group.
    • any brand that infringes on other trademarks (this is actually Printful’s policy, you can learn more on their content policy page).
    • no fire arms (if you haven’t gotten what Immibrand is about, then you just don’t get it).

    Apply to Qualify

    Which of the following best describes you?

    What's your current monthly revenue?

    How willing and able are you to invest in the growth of your business?

    4 + 11 =

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