The Enemy Doesn’t Arrive by Boat,



Many people, especially those with children would agree that they would go to hell and back for their children. So why do we vilify desperate migrants seeking asylum?

The blind and privileged will have you believe that they’re after you and your meager wages. That the pie is only a certain size. That they can’t let just ANYONE in because they don’t know who they are.

But if they’re able to rationalize domestic “lone wolf” killers and look for the good in people than when they’re troubled, they CAN look for the good in refugees to give them a fighting chance. The question is, when will they choose to apply their rationale?

The enemy doesn’t arrive by boat, but by limousine. The class that robs you via legislation, through lobbying, and polite classism.

They tell you how lucky you are to have been hired by them when you, the working class produce their immense wealth.

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collage photo credit: John Towner

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