La Chilindrina



Created by the late Roberto Gómez Bolaños, la chilindrina is perhaps our favorite tantrum to imitate, or perhaps it was real all along.

Here, the raw scratches, bursts of color, and textured application of medium gives in to the authentic emotion la chilindrina would so hilariously shout in one of my favorite childhood comedies (even if it did have its start in the 70s). Whenever this brat was wronged, she’d exponentially up the tempo in her shrilly cries that made her an icon

While this painting can certainly stand on its own, it would make an awesome complement to “El Chavo del 8” piece, also part of this collection.

This hand-stretched canvas with a matte finish coating won’t fade and your interior will bring the nostalgia of one of the greatest shows of Mexican comedy.

Size guide

12×16 18×24 24×36
Height (inches) 12 18 24
Width (inches) 16 24 36

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