El Rey de la Música Ranchera


Vicente “Chente” Fernández has been serenading all of Latin America for decades upon decades. From Grammys to Premio Lo Nuestro awards, Chente is a world-class singer. Provocative, charming, and with a commanding presence…no matter if you were with the rockero, emo, or trap crowd, we all know at least ONE Chente song with bottle of tequila on one hand and an arm around your compadre with the other.

This interpretation of him, I wanted a more rustic and coarse approach. As if the colors themselves were brought from the earth, close to heart and close to our roots.

A performer for the everyman, para el pueblo.

This 24 inch tall by 36 inch wide limited edition, 20.5 mil thick poly-cotton canvas is fade-resistant, was hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars with a matte finish coating.

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