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Don’t be scared and think that commissioning a piece of art is reserved for the affluent and snobby pricks.

I’d be happy to work with something specific you weren’t able to find (as long as it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s copyright).

The process of working with me is straight forward.

Step One

Whether you’re looking for a portrait of your pet or human, let me know what the subject matter will be and provide a high-resolution and crisp image of it so I may analyze the details to deliver the clearest piece your way.

Step Two

Once we’ve agreed on the subject matter, I’ll need your input on the style of art that you want for the piece. Are you looking for a realistic replica of the image provided, something much more abstract, or a compromise in between?

Feel free to reference a previous piece of my work you’ve seen online or another style you’ve seen in the wild.

Be aware that it isn’t my intent to copy 100% another artist’s work, but find inspiration in their style to fulfill your wishes.

Step Three

Finally, I’ll write up a simple contract that summarizes the subject matter, medium, materials, estimate, and deadlines.

Your job is to review the contract, sign it if you agree to the terms, and deposit 50% of the final figure so we may set milestones for you to review the work as it’s coming along and final approval before we set it for production (for digital commissions) or finalize composition and colors (for hand-painted art).

Go to my contact form.

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